The Smart Showroom Solution

Imagine your potential customers worldwide visiting your showroom virtually, and you’re giving them the luxury of walking through it and exploring all the products that you offer.
Not only that, but also the ability to have a complete shopping experience for consumer products at your showroom! Wouldn’t that be awesome?
Or even integrate a live guide who does your sales team job, by briefing the product features for your visitors!
Guess what? That’s possible now, right on the visitor’s computer or mobile screen directly on through your website!
At MagicMedia, our specialty is not only in the professional photography field and 360º Virtual Tours; but we went even beyond that with our innovative and immersive imagery solutions for the commercial industry.

The Smart Showroom

  • A Complete 360º Virtual Tour

    Your online visitors can literally walk-though your showroom exploring every area in 360º view, just as if they are there for real.

  • Interactive Elements

    Your visitors they don't just move from one viewpoint to another, the interacting elements (Hotspots) can provide additional info with Audio, Video, Images, Documents, Links, and more!

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    Real Images & Videos

    We capture your showroom and products using a specialized & sophisticated gear and develop it with dedicated softwares to deliver a high quality crisp 360º HDR images and videos.

  • Virtual Presenter

    This is your Virtual Salesperson, who guides your customers with a brief of your product's important features just with a click!

  • View It On Any Device

    It's built to be viewable on any device, a desktop or a mobile or a tablet, also it's compatible with VR devices.

  • NO Need For A Special App

    Online visitors don NOT need to install any special apps to view your smart showroom, they can view it directly via web browser.

  • Integrated Shopping Option

    If you're providing a consumer products, the virtual smart showroom solution can have an online shopping feature (eCommerce) that connects to your existed online shopping website.

  • Directly On Your Website

    If you already have a website, your smart virtual showroom can be displayed directly on your website, but also we offer a web hosting & development solutions.

– See It Live –

Renault Smart Showroom

Try it yourself to see it in action, enter this Virtual Showroom what we've made for Renault car showroom in Amman.

Explore Smartshowroom

Standard Virtual Tours

See our interactive virtual tours what we've made for different businesses for our clients in Jordan.

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The Futuristic Solution

When a car model got so many features, and you’d like your potential clients know about them VISUALLY! Our innovative solution comes to place – a complete and detailed Interactive View of the car “inside out”, Literally!

And this can be done not only for automotive industry; but also for any machine or even a location.

Check out what we’ve done last year, and here in Jordan!

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